Monday, March 1, 2010

Telling the parents

We decided not to tell ANYONE, not even my parents, until Christmas. 1. We wanted to wait a little bit before announcing in fear of anything bad happening, or losing the pregnancy and 2. it would be so much more special to tell them creatively on Christmas.

Turns out my progesterone was low so for the first trimester I had to take progesterone supplements in the morning and night. It was difficult at first making time for myself, but I soon learned it was necessary and also! Bonus! It made you super sleepy and I would just lull off to sleep.

At Christmas we were 6 weeks along. We decided to take one of our ultrasound pics, put it in a frame, and then wrap it up in this really fancy box with a huge bow, and then wait until it was the last gift to give to mom, who would inevitably cry and go hysterical. The whole morning me and B were just full of jitters and nervous emotion. It was so hard not to just blurt out "MOM I'M PREGNANT!!" Finally we just couldn't take it anymore and gave her the box. She opened it, looked at it like, "wtf is this" and then looked up at me, already teary, and asked, "is this really?? are you?? is this true?" and I said yes, and she just burst into tears. Full on waterworks. This lasted a good half hour to tell you the truth! Finally she was hugging me and looking at the picture of our little bean.

The day would have been perfect had it not been for my brother's wife, having to bring along her friend named Immaturity to the party. She just really has no idea what we went through to get here, and she threw a temper tantrum and words were said. But you know what—I didn't let her bother me. It was me and B's day, we went through a lot to get there, and promptly after the commotion, I fell asleep on the couch.

Sleep will become your new best friend.

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