Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're finally pregnant!

We're finally pregnant!!

I guess i'm still in a state of shock about this. I asked the nurse if she was pulling a trick on me, belated halloween love, but no. I was shaking all over, just couldn't believe that this was finally happening for us. I spoke to her for a while and got my schedule for the labs I'd be having over the next few days.

The next thing I did was drive to see B at work. I couldn't contain this news and I couldn't tell him on the phone. I tricked him out of the building with some lie about insurance papers needing to be signed. I wrote on a piece of paper I gave him, "we're pregnant!". He looked at it for a minute, then at me, and then said, " are you serious??!?!?" and I said, "yes!" and he started to hug and kiss me. I started to cry a little, but tried to stop because I knew we'd become emotional messes. Both of us just wanted to leave work and go home and be together.

I'll never forget that afternoon. It was a monday. the first monday after thanksgiving. I almost didn't stay at the lab because of the long wait. It was raining. I remember the beads of water running down the windshield as the wipers cleared them off, holding B's hand.

Our lives are getting ready to change. and i can't wait:)