Monday, September 7, 2009

First IUI

Aug09: First IUI cycle
50mg clomid, D3-7, 3 ultrasounds, 1 ovidrel shot

We had our first IUI on August 8th. The procedure itself went completely perfect. dropped the sample off at 8am, went and had ourselves breakfast and sat and just talked in the car with tea and coffee. went back at 9am. one of the nurses was there that I absolutely adore, and she's just so positive and friendly, so that made me feel extra at ease about it. the NP who did it was also wonderful, I've known her for a while, since highschool when I worked at the practice way back when it was in a different form. but i digress.

we even got to see the boys and girls under a microscope, that was awesome, totally indulging my inner nerd.

the set you up just as if you're having a regular pap exam, and then they put the sample into this long catheter that's put into your cervix and uterus. everything you read says that it's not painful or crampy, but it IS (for me) a little crampy. you can feel the catheter go in and hit the wall of your uterus, but after that initial cramping, I was ok. I had to lay there for 15 minutes and that was it. take it easy.

and i did. I took it easy for 2 weeks. Other than hurting my back and having that sciattica pain run down my leg, which makes me wonder if it had any adverse effects. though i can sit here and find something new that affected, so it's pointless for me to ponder it anymore.

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